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Other out-of-print books dealing specifically with Iowa in the Civil War are listed here.

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Abbreviations: BCE=Book Club Edition, G=Good, VG=Very Good, F=Fine.

OP 1) [Fiction] Allen, Hervey. ACTION AT AQUILA. New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1938. First Edition. VG/G. $35.00. SALE! $15.00.

OP 2) [Lincoln] Angle, Paul M., ed. THE LINCOLN READER. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers Univ Pr, 1947. Illus, bib, ind, 564pp. BCE. VG/G. $10.00.

OP 11) Calkins, Christopher M. FROM PETERSBURG TO APPOMATTOX: A TOUR GUIDE TO THE ROUTES OF LEE’S WITHDRAWAL AND GRANT’S PURSUIT. Np: Farmville Herald, 1983. Illustrtaed, maps, index, 48pp, 8 x 11 pamphlet. Very Good. $5.00.

OP 19) Davis, Burke. JEB STUART: THE LAST CAVALIER. New York: Fairfax Pr, 1988. Illus, maps, notes, ind, 462pp. F/F. $10.00

OP 22) Davis, William C. BATTLEFIELDS OF THE CIVIL WAR. Norman, OK: U of OK Press, 1996. Illus, paperback, 256pp. As new. $20.00.

OP 29) Frazier, Charles. COLD MOUNTAIN. New York: Atlantic Monthly Pr, 1997. First Edition, First Printing. F/F. $200.00.

OP 30) Furguson, Ernest B. CHANCELLORSVILLE 1863: THE SOULS OF THE BRAVE. New York: Knopf, 1992. First Edition. F/F. $25.00.

OP 31) Gallaher, Gary W. THE THIRD DAY AT GETTYSBURG AND BEYOND. Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Press, 1994. Maps, illus, notes, index, hardvover in dj, 217pp. F/F. $25.00

OP 32) Griffith, G. W. E. MY 96 YEARS IN THE GREAT WEST: INDIANA, KANSAS AND CALIFORNIA. Los Angeles, CA: Author, 1929. Front, ports, 289pp. Self-published autobiography, author was, among other things, a merchant in Lawrence, KS, at the time of William Quantrill's 1863 Raid, to which he devotes a chapter. Brown cloth, Good. $50.00.

OP 34) Harwell, Richard B. THE UNION READER. New York: Longman's Green & Co., 1958. First Edition. Illus, ind, 362pp. VG/G. $25.00. SALE! $10.00.

OP 35) Haskell, Frank A. THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG. Cambridge, MA: Riverside Pr, 1957. First Edition. Intro by Bruce Catton. Index, hardcover in dj, 169pp. VG/G. $25.00. SALE! $15.00.

OP 36) Hennessey, John J. RETURN TO BULL RUN: THE CAMPAIGN AND BATTLE OF SECOND MANASSAS. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1993. Maps, notes, bib, ind, hardcover in dj, 607pp. VG/VG. $20.00. SALE! $10.00.

OP 40) Hoke, Jacob. THE GREAT INVASION OF 1863. New York: Thomas Yoseloff, 1959. Illus, ind, 613pp. VG/G. Re: Gettysburg. $45.00.

OP 47) Johnston, R. M. BULL RUN: ITS STRATEGY AND TACTICS. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin Co., 1913. Ep maps, maps, ind, 293pp. Re: First Bull Run. TEG, lt cvr wear, rear hng starting o/w VG. $125.00. SALE! $75.00.

OP 48) Jones, Paul. THE IRISH BRIGADE. Washington, DC: Robert B. Luce, 1969. Illus, maps, 255pp. VG/VG. $25.00.

OP 50) Jones, Virgil Carrington. RANGER MOSBY. Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Pr, 1944 (later reprint). Front, illus, ep maps, notes, ind, 347pp. Dj ch, o/w VG/G. $37.50.

OP 52) Kinsely, D. A. CUSTER: FAVOR THE BOLD. New York: Promontory Press, 1988. Illus, ind, 557pp. Rpt containing both volumes of the original work by this title. VG/VG. $20.00. SALE! $10.00.

OP 57) Longacre, Edward G. FROM UNION STARS TO TOP HAT: A BIOGRAPHY OF THE EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL JAMES HARRISON WILSON. Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1972. Illus, maps, notes, bib, ind, 320pp. First Edition. F/VG. $40.00. SALE! $20.00.

OP 58) Lord, Walter, ed. THE FREMANTLE DIARY. Boston: Little Brown, 1954. First Edition Thus. Ep maps, 304pp. Dj sunned and chipped slightly, o/w VG/G. $30.00. SALE! $20.00.

OP 59) Lowenfels, Walter, ed. WALT WHITMAN’S CIVIL WAR. New York: Knopf, 1960. First Edition. Illus, ind, 335pp. Slightly wrinkled cloth fr bd, dj soil. o/w VG/VG. $20.00.

OP 65) McLaughlin, Jack. GETTYSBURG: THE LONG ENCAMPMENT. New York: Bonanza Books, nd. Maps, illus, notes, bib, index, hardcover in dj. $15.00.

OP 66) McPherson, James BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. New York: Oxford U. Pr., 1988. Illus, notes, bib, ind, 904pp. BCE. VG/VG. $15.00.

OP 68) Miers, Earl Schenck and Richard A. Brown. GETTYSBURG. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers U Pr, 1948. Illus, bib, ind, 308pp. Eyewitness accounts. VG/VG. $30.00.

OP 71) Montgomery, James Stewart. THE SHAPING OF A BATTLE: GETTYSBURG. Philadlephia: Chilton, 1959. First Edition. Maps, (3 large fldg maps laid in), 259pp. Spine sunned, sm tear repaired. VG. $40.00.

OP 71a) Mudd, Joseph. WITH PORTER IN NORTH MISSOURI: A CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES. Iowa City, IA: Press of the Camp Pope Bookshop, 1992. Reprint of 1909 edition. Illustrated, index, addenda page, 480pp. Red cloth binding. Fine. $75.00.

OP 75) Norton, Oliver W. THE ATTACK AND DEFENSE OF LITTLE ROUND TOP, GETTYSBURG JULY 2, 1863, Dayton, OH: Morningside Bookshop, 1978. Illus, maps, ind, 350pp. Fine. $25.00.

OP 76) [Fiction] Olds, Bruce. RAISING HOLY HELL. New York: Henry Holt, 1995. Fictional account of the life of John Brown. Dj, 333pp. Published at $22.50. F/F. $5.00.

OP 78) Porter, Horace. CAMPAIGNING WITH GRANT. Time-Life Collector’s Library. Illus, ind, 546pp. Full lea, AEG. Fine. $20.00.

OP 80) [Lincoln] Randall, Ruth Painter. MARY LINCOLN: A BIOGRAPHY OF A MARRIAGE. Boston: Little Brown, 1953. BCE. Good in ch soiled dj. $10.00.

OP 86) Spear, William E. THE NORTH AND SOUTH AT ANTIETAM AND GETTYSBURG. Boston: Author, 1908. Maps, 171pp. VG. $45.00.

OP 87) Stackpole, Edward J. THEY MET AT GETTYSBURG. Harrisburg, PA: Eagle Books, 1956. First Edition. Illus, maps, 342pp, decorative cloth. Presentation copy signed by author. Dj chipped o/w VG. $50.00.

OP 88) [Lincoln] Stephenson, Nathaniel W. ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND THE UNION. New Haven, CT: Yale, 1918 (later rpt.). Chronicles of America Series. Front, ind, 272pp. Fine. $10.00.

OP 89) Styple, William B. WITH A FLASH OF HIS SWORD: THE WRITINGS OF MAJOR HOLMAN S. MELCHER, 20TH MAINE INFANTRY. Kearney, NJ: Belle Grove Pub, 1994. Illus, maps, bib, ind, 331pp. Signed, numbered (62 of 1000) First Edition. F/F $35.00.

OP 90) Swinton, William. DECISIVE BATTLES OF THE CIVIL WAR. New York: Promontory Pr, 1986. Front, ind, 520pp. Rpt. of 1867 ed. Minor edge discoloration, o/w VG/VG. $15.00.

OP 92) THE SYMBOL AND THE SWORD: WASHINGTON DC 1861-1865. Washington: District of Columbia Civil War Centennial Commission, 1962. Illus, pamphlet, 72pp. VG. $5.00.

OP 95) [141st Penn Inf] Ward, Lester. YOUNG WARD’S DAIRY. Ed. Bernhard J. Stern. New York: Putnams, 1935. 321pp. Dorn PA-333a. Cloth soiled, crayon marks on 2 pages, o/w Good. $25.00. SALE! $18.00.

OP 98) Wert, Jeffrey D. MOSBY’S RANGERS. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1990. Illus, ep maps, notes, bib, ind, 384pp. BCE. VG/VG. $15.00.

OP 99) Wheeler, Richard SWORD OVER RICHMOND: AN EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT OF MCCLELLAN’S PENINSULA CAMPAIGN. New York: Harper and Row, 1986. Illus, maps, bib, ind, 371pp. VG/VG. $15.00.

OP 100) Wheeler, Richard. WITNESS TO APPOMATTOX. New York: Harper and Row, 1989. First Edition. Illus, maps, bib, 255pp. VG/VG. $15.00.

OP 101) Wiley, Bell I. THE LIFE OF BILLY YANK. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Pr, 1993. Front, illus, notes, bib, ind, paperback, 454pp. Fine. $18.95. SALE! $12.00.

OP 102) Wiley, Bell I. THE LIFE OF JOHNNY REB. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Pr, 1993. Front, illus, notes, bib, ind, paperback, 444pp. Fine. $18.95. SALE! $12.00.

OP 105) Young, Jesse Bowman. THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG. New York: Harper and Bros, 1913. First Edition. Front, illus, maps, ind, 463. VG. $125.00. SALE! $75.00.