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With Porter in North Missouri

by Joseph A. Mudd

In 1992, we published the first, fully indexed reprint of With Porter in North Missouri: A Chapter in the History of the War Between the States. The original retail price was $35.00 for this cloth bound edition. The last I heard, a used copy goes for at least $75.00, if you can find one at all. Since the book sold out years ago we have been deluged with requests to republish it. We have heard your cries! The Camp Pope Bookshop is pleased to announce the publication of the paperback edition of our indexed reprint of With Porter in North Missouri.

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This is the history of the First Northeast Missouri Cavalry, C. S. A., better known as Porter’'s Regiment, which rode wild and free through Yankee-controlled northeastern Missouri during the summer of 1862. With Porter in North Missouri The unit was organized and led by Colonel Joseph C. Porter of Lewis County, Missouri, who had been sent home from the war in Arkansas by General Sterling Price on a recruiting mission. Recruitment activities in this dangerous country included guerrilla-like strikes against the Federals, a few pitched battles (Vassar Hill, Moore’s Mill, Kirksville), and the grim settling of certain personal feuds (such as the abduction of Andrew Allsman, which lead to the infamous Palmyra Massacre). With Porter in North Missouri, first published in 1909, was written by one of Porter's recruits and fervent admirers, who, like so many other young, pro-Southern men at the time, found civilian life impossible under Yankee martial law. Joseph Mudd supplemented his personal recollections of Porter’s campaign with contemporaneous newspaper accounts, local histories, the recently published Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, and reports he solicited from surviving participants on both sides. The resulting narrative brings to life the Civil War in Missouri in a way few other books have done.

504 pages, illustrated, fully indexed, ISBN 1-929919-00X, $19.95.

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