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Half Price Sale

I went over to publshing only in 2010 and held a half price sale to get rid of my remaining in-print inventory. A few titles are still available and I have listed them here.

General Civil War


Confederate General of the West Thompson, Jerry. CONFEDERATE GENERAL OF THE WEST: HENRY HOPKINS SIBLEY. College Station, TX: Texas A & M U Pr, 1996. Front, illus, maps, notes, bib, ind, paperback, 399pp. $16.95 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $8.48.

Burnside Marvel, William. BURNSIDE. Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Pr, 1991. Illus, notes, bib, ind, hardcover in dj, 514pp. $29.95 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $14.98.


Alias Charley Hart Harris, Charles F. ALIAS CHARLEY HART: WILLIAM CLARKE QUANTRILL IN LAWRENCE KANSAS 1860. Independence, MO: Two Trails, 2003. Illustrated pamphlet, notes, 15pp. $8.00 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $4.00.

Quail Hunter Kennedy Rabas, Chuck. JACK "QUAIL HUNTER" KENNEDY. Independence, MO: Joanne C. Eakin, 1996. Illus, ind, bib, wraps, 44pp. Not CW, but an entertaining account of a now-forgotten train robber who came after the famous Jesse James. $7.00 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $3.50.

Illinois and Indiana

History of the 36th Regiment Bennett, L. G. and William M. Haigh. HISTORY OF THE 36TH REGIMENT ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS IN THE WAR OF THE REBELLION. Marengo, IL: Prairie State Press, 1999. Front., illus, blue cloth, no dj, 808pp. $65.00 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $32.50.

Army Life of an Illinois Soldier [103rd Illinois Infantry] Wills, Charles W. ARMY LIFE OF AN ILLINOIS SOLDIER. Carbondale, IL: Southern IL U Pr, 1996. Rpt. of 1906 ed. New intro by John Y. Simon. Paperback, 383pp. $16.95 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $8.48.


Struggle for the Heartland Foulke, Joseph W. STRUGGLE FOR THE HEARTLAND: THE CIVIL WAR ALONG THE MISSISSIPPI CORRIDOR. Pittsburgh, PA: Dorrance Publishing Co., 2001. Illus, maps, notes, bibliography, index, paperback 8 ½ x 11, 308pp. A new book on the Civil War in the West, including the Trans-Miss, with special attention to Iowa’s role. The author’s great-grandfather served in the 10th Iowa Infantry. $23.00 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $11.50.

The Iowa Northern Border Brigade McKusick, Marshall. THE IOWA NORTHERN BORDER BRIGADE. Iowa City, IA: Office of the State Archaeologist, 1975. Illus, plans, ep map, bib, 172pp. Bound in blue cloth. We have recently acquired a number of copies of this title in new condition. The book details the 1862 Santee Sioux uprising in southern Minnesota, which created a panic in the northern border counties of Iowa, which resulted in the formation of the Northern Border Brigade (an Iowa militia outfit) and the building of several forts. $10.00 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $5.00


A Southern Record [3rd Louisiana Infantry] Tunnard, W. H. A SOUTHERN RECORD: THE HISTORY OF THE 3RD REGIMENT LOUISIANA INFANTRY. Fayetteville, AR: U of AR Press, 1997. Front, index, paperback, 377pp. With a new intro by William L. Shea. $39.95 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $19.98.

Life in the Confederate Army [3rd Louisiana Infantry CSA] Watson, William. LIFE IN THE CONFEDERATE ARMY. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Pr, 1995. New Intro by Thomas W. Cutrer. Paperback, 456pp. $20.95 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $10.48.


Righteous Warriors Campbell, Meredith. RIGHTEOUS WARRIORS. Independence, MO: Two Trails Publishing, 2000. Paperback, 345pp. Fictional account of the Civil War in Missouri. $13.95 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $6.98.

The Branch and the Vine Ledbetter, Richard. THE BRANCH AND THE VINE: 900 DAYS RIDING WITH FORREST. Fordyce, AR: Twisted Pines Recording and Publishing, 2002. Illustrated, maps, paperback, 368pp. “This novel concerns 900 days spent at the height of the American Civil War by two Arkansas brothers under the command of General N.B. Forrest in the Confederate Cavalry. It is recalled many years afterward during the early 1900’s by J.R Ledbetter and told to his young grandson from the relative comfort of their rural, south Arkansas homestead farm. Although dramatized, the account faithfully follows the many tales of oral history passed down through the Ledbetter family over preceding generations, revealing a glimpse into the lives of our elders and betters, if often sad, also joyous and profound. It is an excerpt from our collective history as Americans, of a turbulent time that propelled our young country from backwater frontier to continental nation.” $20.00 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $10.00.

Someone From the Past McCune, Robert. SOMEONE FROM THE PAST. Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, 2005. Fiction. 195pp. “On August 5, 1861, a small but significant Civil War battle took place in Northeast Missouri. Through careful manipulation of forces he doesn’t understand, Jerry Williams is about to discover that his ties to that long ago summer day are far greater than he ever dreamed.” $12.00 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $6.00.

Ella Mayfield's Pawpaw Militia Risner, Fay. ELLA MAYFIELD’S PAWPAW MILITIA: A CIVIL WAR SAGA IN VERNON CO., MO. Np., Author, 2008. 295pp, paperback. Fictional account of the Civil War in Vernon County, Missouri. $15.00 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $7.50.

Friends Enemies and Lovers Wilson, Morris D. FRIENDS ENEMIES AND LOVERS. Des Moines, IA: Morris D. Wilson, 1998. Historical novel on the Civil War in northeast Missouri. Maps, bib, paperback, 378pp. $15.00 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $7.50.


The Civil War Trust's Official Guide THE CIVIL WAR TRUST’S OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE CIVIL WAR DISCOVERY TRAIL. New York: Macmillan, 1996. Illus, maps, ind, paperback, 275pp. $11.95 LIQUIDATION SALE PRICE! $5.98.

Used and Rare Books

Bibliographical References:

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Abbreviations: BCE=Book Club Edition, G=Good, VG=Very Good, F=Fine.

OP 1) [Fiction] Allen, Hervey. ACTION AT AQUILA. New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1938. First Edition. VG/G. $35.00. SALE! $15.00.

OP 2) [Lincoln] Angle, Paul M., ed. THE LINCOLN READER. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers Univ Pr, 1947. Illus, bib, ind, 564pp. BCE. VG/G. $10.00.

OP 3) Bill, Alfred Hoyt. THE BELEAGUERED CITY: RICHMOND 1861-1865. New York: Alfred A. KNopf, 1946. Illus, notes, bib, ind, fldg maps, cloth (no dj), 332pp. Stated first edition. Spine sunned o/w G. $5.00.

OP 11) Calkins, Christopher M. FROM PETERSBURG TO APPOMATTOX: A TOUR GUIDE TO THE ROUTES OF LEE’S WITHDRAWAL AND GRANT’S PURSUIT. Np: Farmville Herald, 1983. Illustrtaed, maps, index, 48pp, 8 x 11 pamphlet. Very Good. $5.00.

OP 12) Castel, Albert. DECISION IN THE WEST: THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN OF 1864. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 1992. Illus, mpas, notes, bib, ind, hardcover in dj, 673pp. First edition, F/F. $50.00.

OP 13) Coffin, Charles Carleton. MY DAYS AND NIGHTS ON THE BATTLEFIELD. Chicago: M.A. Donohue & Co., 1887. Illus, maps, notes, bib, ind, illustrated cloth inn dj, 312pp. One corner damaged, dj severly chipped, o/w G. $10.00.

OP 14) Cockrell, Monroe F., ed. THE LOST ACCOUNT OF THE BATTLE OF CORINTH AND THE COURT MARTIAL OF GEN. VAN DORN, BY AN UNKNOWN AUTHOR. Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Publishing, 1987. Illus, fldg map, hardcover in dj, 92pp. F/F. $15.00.

OP 15) WE LUCKY FEW: PORTRAITS OF COURAGE & SACRIFICE FROM SE IOWA. This book comprises 110 interviews with World War II veterans from southeastern Iowa, many of whom were members of the 113th Cavalry of the Iowa National Guard, the "Red Horse Squadron." While the Redhorsers were deployed to Europe, all theaters of the war are represented here. These heroes' tales are unique because the majority of the men and women have seldom spoken of their war experiences before. In some cases, the interviews granted to the father and daughter editorial team of Larry Cuddeback and Cheyenne Cuddeback Miller represent the very first time a vet had ever spoken of the war. Some tell of ordinary and often humorous days in uniform. Some recall a war of harrowing combat or grueling privation and suffering in captivity. All are to be honored forever for their noble service to our country.

Cloth-bound with dust jacket, 421 pages, with illustrations and index. (Published 2012; ISBN: 978-1-929919-49-9) Used. G/G. $50.00.

OP 16) THE THREE OF HEARTS: STORIES OF WORLD WAR II FROM SOUTHEAST IOWA, compiled by Larry Cuddeback & Cheyenne Miller. This is a sequel to the authors' very popular compilation of World War II stories from southeast Iowa, WE LUCKY FEW, published in 2012. THE THREE OF HEARTS contains principally the letters, diaries, written memoirs, and interview accounts of veterans who are no longer living, but who for their selfless valor and sacrifice can never be forgotten.

Laminated hardcover, smyth-sewn binding, 422 pages, with facsimiles and photographs, index. (Published 2014, ISBN 978-1-929919-59-8). Used. G/G. $50.00.

OP 19) Davis, Burke. JEB STUART: THE LAST CAVALIER. New York: Fairfax Pr, 1988. Illus, maps, notes, ind, 462pp. F/F. $10.00

OP 20) Davis, Burke. SHERMAN'S MARCH. New York: Random House, 1980. Illus, bib, ind, hardcover in dj, 336pp. F/F. $15.00.

OP 22) Davis, William C. BATTLEFIELDS OF THE CIVIL WAR. Norman, OK: U of OK Press, 1996. Illus, paperback, 256pp. As new. $20.00.

OP) 23 Dougan, Michael B. CONFEDERATE ARKANSAS: THE PEOPLE AND POLITICS OF A FRONTIER STATE. University, AL: University of Alabama Press, 1988. Notes, ind, cloth (no dj), 174pp. $15.00.

OP 24) Frassanito, William A. ANTIETAM: A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF AMERICA'S BLOODIEST DAY. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1978. Illus, notes, ind, hardcover in dj, 304pp. Sm tear in dj, o/w G/G. $15.00.

OP 25) Frassanito, William A. GRANT AND LEE: THE VIRGINIA CAMPAIGNS OF 1864. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1983. Illus, notes, ind, hardcover in dj, 442pp. First edition, F/F. $30.00.

OP 26) Frazier, Charles. COLD MOUNTAIN. New York: Atlantic Monthly Pr, 1997. First Edition, First Printing. F/F. $200.00.

OP 27) Furguson, Ernest B. CHANCELLORSVILLE 1863: THE SOULS OF THE BRAVE. New York: Knopf, 1992. First Edition. F/F. $25.00.

OP 28) Gallaher, Gary W. THE THIRD DAY AT GETTYSBURG AND BEYOND. Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Press, 1994. Maps, illus, notes, index, hardcover in dj, 217pp. F/F. $25.00

OP 29) Gilbert, Prof. J. Warren. PEOPLES PICTORIAL EDITION THE BLUE AND GRAY A HISTORY OF THE CONFLICTS DURING LEE'S INVASION AND BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG. NP, 1922. Illus, maps, folding map, paperback. First edition (?). VG. $35.00.

OP 30) Glatthaar, Joseph T. THE MARCH TO THE SEA AND BEYOND: SHERMAN'S TROOPS IN THE SAVANNAH AND CAROLINAS CAMPAIGNS. New York: New York University Press, 1985. Illus, notes, bib, ind, hardcover in dj, 334pp. F/F. $20.00.

OP 31) Goodrich, Thomas. BLOODY DAWN: THE STORY OF THE LAWRENCE MASSACRE. Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 1991. Maps, illus, notes, index, hardcover in dj, 208pp. F/F. Signed, first edition. $35.00.

OP 32) Griffith, G. W. E. MY 96 YEARS IN THE GREAT WEST: INDIANA, KANSAS AND CALIFORNIA. Los Angeles, CA: Author, 1929. Front, ports, 289pp. Self-published autobiography, author was, among other things, a merchant in Lawrence, KS, at the time of William Quantrill's 1863 Raid, to which he devotes a chapter. Brown cloth, Good. $50.00.

OP 34) Harwell, Richard B. THE UNION READER. New York: Longman's Green & Co., 1958. First Edition. Illus, ind, 362pp. VG/G. $25.00. SALE! $10.00.

OP 35) Haskell, Frank A. THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG. Cambridge, MA: Riverside Pr, 1957. First Edition. Intro by Bruce Catton. Index, hardcover in dj, 169pp. VG/G. $25.00. SALE! $15.00.

OP 40) Hoke, Jacob. THE GREAT INVASION OF 1863. New York: Thomas Yoseloff, 1959. Illus, ind, 613pp. VG/G. Re: Gettysburg. $45.00.

OP 41) Horan, James D. CONFEDERATE AGENT: A DISCOVERY IN HISTORY. New York: Crown Publishers, 1954. Illus, bib, ind, hardcover in dj, 352pp. G/G. First edition (?). $35.00.

OP 47) Johnston, R. M. BULL RUN: ITS STRATEGY AND TACTICS. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin Co., 1913. Ep maps, maps, ind, 293pp. Re: First Bull Run. TEG, lt cvr wear, rear hng starting o/w VG. $125.00. SALE! $75.00.

OP 48) Jones, Paul. THE IRISH BRIGADE. Washington, DC: Robert B. Luce, 1969. Illus, maps, 255pp. VG/VG. $25.00.

OP 50) Jones, Virgil Carrington. RANGER MOSBY. Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Pr, 1944 (later reprint). Front, illus, ep maps, notes, ind, 347pp. Dj ch, o/w VG/G. $37.50.

OP 52) Kinsely, D. A. CUSTER: FAVOR THE BOLD. New York: Promontory Press, 1988. Illus, ind, 557pp. Rpt containing both volumes of the original work by this title. VG/VG. $20.00. SALE! $10.00.

OP 53) Kirshner, Ralph. THE CLASS OF 1861: CUSTER, AMES AND THEIR CLASSMATES AFTER WEST POINT. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 1999. Illus, notes, bib, ind, hardcover in dj, 244pp. F/F. First edition, signed. $40.00.

OP 55) Lewis, Lloyd. SHERMAN: FIGHTING PROPHET. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co., 1932. Illus, bib, ind, cloth no dj, 702pp. G. First edition. $50.00.

OP 56) Lewis, Thomas A. GUNS OF CEDAR CREEK. New York: Harper and Row, 1988. Illus, maps, notes, bib, ind, hardcover in dj, 383pp. F/F. First edition. $50.00.

OP 57) Longacre, Edward G. FROM UNION STARS TO TOP HAT: A BIOGRAPHY OF THE EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL JAMES HARRISON WILSON. Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1972. Illus, maps, notes, bib, ind, 320pp. First Edition. F/VG. $40.00. SALE! $20.00.

OP 58) Lord, Walter, ed. THE FREMANTLE DIARY. Boston: Little Brown, 1954. First Edition Thus. Ep maps, 304pp. Dj sunned and chipped slightly, o/w VG/G. $50.00.

OP 59) Lowenfels, Walter, ed. WALT WHITMAN’S CIVIL WAR. New York: Knopf, 1960. First Edition. Illus, ind, 335pp. Slightly wrinkled cloth fr bd, dj soil. o/w VG/VG. $20.00.

OP 60) McAdams, Benton. REBELS AT ROCK ISLAND: THE STORY OF A CIVIL WAR PRISON. DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois Univesity Press, 2000. Illus, notes, bib, ind, cloth in dj, 274pp. F/F. First edition, signed with correct red ink. $75.00.

OP 61) McLean, James L. and Judy W. McLean. GETTYSBURG SOURCES, VOLUME 3. Baltimore: Butternut and Blue, 1990. Illus, maps, ind, cloth in dj, 230pp. F/F. Limited to 750 copies. $35.00.

OP 65) McLaughlin, Jack. GETTYSBURG: THE LONG ENCAMPMENT. New York: Bonanza Books, nd. Maps, illus, notes, bib, index, hardcover in dj. $15.00.

OP 66) McPherson, James BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. New York: Oxford U. Pr., 1988. Illus, notes, bib, ind, 904pp. BCE. VG/VG. $15.00.

OP 67) McWhiney, Grady and Ray D. Jamieson. ATTACK AND DIE: CIVIL WAR MILITARY TACTICS AND THE SOUTHERN HERITAGE. University, AL; University of Alabama Press, 1982. Maps, ind, hardcover in dj, 236pp. VG/VG. $35.00.

OP 68) Miers, Earl Schenck and Richard A. Brown. GETTYSBURG. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers U Pr, 1948. Illus, bib, ind, 308pp. Eyewitness accounts. VG/VG. $30.00.

OP 69) Minnich, Luther W. GETTYSBURG: "WHAT THEY DID HERE." Np: 1913. Illus, maps, folding map, folding map, wraps, 150pp. Cover and first page chipped, o/w G. $50.00.

OP 71) Montgomery, James Stewart. THE SHAPING OF A BATTLE: GETTYSBURG. Philadlephia: Chilton, 1959. First Edition. Maps, (3 large fldg maps laid in), 259pp. Spine sunned, sm tear repaired. VG. $40.00.

OP 72) Morris, W. S., et al. HISTORY 31ST REGIMENT ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS, ORGANIZED BY JOHN A. LOGAN. Edited by John Y. Simon. Facsimile reprint of 1902 edition. Illus, hardcover in dj, 245pp. Signed by Simon. F/F. $35.00.

OP 75) Norton, Oliver W. THE ATTACK AND DEFENSE OF LITTLE ROUND TOP, GETTYSBURG JULY 2, 1863, Dayton, OH: Morningside Bookshop, 1978. Illus, maps, ind, 350pp. Fine. $25.00.

OP 76) [Fiction] Olds, Bruce. RAISING HOLY HELL. New York: Henry Holt, 1995. Fictional account of the life of John Brown. Dj, 333pp. Published at $22.50. F/F. $5.00.

OP 77) Phelan, Mary Kay. MR. LINCOLN SPEAKS AT GETTYSBURG. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1966. Illus, bib, ind, hardcover in dj, 143pp. Stated first edition. Signed. Cloth slightly soiled, lower corners bumped, dj chpped and soiled, o/w G/G. $15.00

OP 78) Porter, Horace. CAMPAIGNING WITH GRANT. Time-Life Collector’s Library. Illus, ind, 546pp. Full lea, AEG. Fine. $20.00.

OP 80) [Lincoln] Randall, Ruth Painter. MARY LINCOLN: A BIOGRAPHY OF A MARRIAGE. Boston: Little Brown, 1953. BCE. Good in ch soiled dj. $10.00.

OP 81) Ray, J. P. THE DIARY OF A DEAD MAN. New York: Eastern Acorn Press, 1981. Illus, ind, paperback, 430pp. VG. $10.00.

OP 86) Spear, William E. THE NORTH AND SOUTH AT ANTIETAM AND GETTYSBURG. Boston: Author, 1908. Maps, 171pp. VG. $45.00.

OP 87) Stackpole, Edward J. THEY MET AT GETTYSBURG. Harrisburg, PA: Eagle Books, 1956. First Edition. Illus, maps, 342pp, decorative cloth. Presentation copy signed by author. Dj chipped o/w VG. $50.00.

OP 88) Starr, Stephen L. JENNISON'S JAYHAWKERS: A CIVIL WAR CAVALRY REGIMENT AND ITS COMMANDER. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1986. Bib, ind, hardcover in dy, 431pp. F/F. $25.00.

OP 89) Starr, Stephen Z. THE UNION CAVALRY IN THE CIVIL WAR, 3 vols. Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press, 1979, 1981, 1985. Illus, maps, notes, bib, ind, 521, 544, 634pp. All vols. F/F. $65.00.

OP 90) Stephens, Robert Grier. INTREPID WARRIOR: CLEMENT ANSELM EVANS. Dayton, OH: Morningside Press, 1992. Illus, notes, maps, ind, hardcover in dj, 592pp. F/F. $15.00.

OP 91) [Lincoln] Stephenson, Nathaniel W. ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND THE UNION. New Haven, CT: Yale, 1918 (later rpt.). Chronicles of America Series. Front, ind, 272pp. Fine. $10.00.

OP 92) THE SYMBOL AND THE SWORD: WASHINGTON DC 1861-1865. Washington: District of Columbia Civil War Centennial Commission, 1962. Illus, pamphlet, 72pp. VG. $5.00.

OP 95) [141st Penn Inf] Ward, Lester. YOUNG WARD’S DAIRY. Ed. Bernhard J. Stern. New York: Putnams, 1935. 321pp. Dorn PA-333a. Cloth soiled, crayon marks on 2 pages, o/w Good. $25.00. SALE! $18.00.

OP 96) Whelan, Charles E. BASCOM CLARKE: SOUTHERN REFUGEE. Madison, WI: American Thresherman, 1913. Illus, cloth no dj, 229pp. G. $10.00.

OP 98) Wert, Jeffrey D. MOSBY’S RANGERS. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1990. Illus, ep maps, notes, bib, ind, 384pp. BCE. VG/VG. $15.00.

OP 99) Wheeler, Richard SWORD OVER RICHMOND: AN EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT OF MCCLELLAN’S PENINSULA CAMPAIGN. New York: Harper and Row, 1986. Illus, maps, bib, ind, 371pp. VG/VG. $15.00.

OP 100) Wheeler, Richard. WITNESS TO APPOMATTOX. New York: Harper and Row, 1989. First Edition. Illus, maps, bib, 255pp. VG/VG. $15.00.

OP 101) Wiley, Bell I. THE LIFE OF BILLY YANK. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Pr, 1993. Front, illus, notes, bib, ind, paperback, 454pp. Fine. $18.95. SALE! $12.00.

OP 102) Wiley, Bell I. THE LIFE OF JOHNNY REB. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Pr, 1993. Front, illus, notes, bib, ind, paperback, 444pp. Fine. $18.95. SALE! $12.00.

OP 103) Worthington, Glenn H. FIGHTING FOR TIME: THE BATTLE THAT SAVED WASHINGTON. Shippensburg, PA: White Mane Press, 1988. Illus, maps, ind, hardcover in dj, 368pp. Reprint of 1932 edition. F/F. $20.00.

OP 105) Young, Jesse Bowman. THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG. New York: Harper and Bros, 1913. First Edition. Front, illus, maps, ind, 463. VG. $125.00. SALE! $75.00.

Iowa Out-of-Print Books, Journals, and Pamphlets

Until about 1998, CPB offered in our print catalog several Iowa Civil War titles as published over the last 140 years in various Iowa State Historical Society publications. These are articles as they appeared in the original issues of The Annals of Iowa (published from 1865 to the present), Iowa Historical Record (published from 1885 to 1902), Iowa Jounrnal of History and Politics (published from 1903 to 1961; in the 1940s “and Politics” was droppped from the title and the format was changed), and The Palimpsest (published from 1920 to 1996). I stopped putting these titles in the catalog mostly because of the lack of space, but I still have quite a few of them in inventory. I have at least one copy of each journal article listed below, and in some cases several copies. Most of these articles are listed in Dornbusch’s Military Bibliography of the Civil War. The articles offered here only extend to the early 1990s, although I’m sure more has been published by the State Historical Society on the Civil War since then. Each item is an entire issue of the journal and, despite some being a bit fragile due to age, most are in new, unissued condition. Considering the age and scarcity of some of these items, the prices are quite low. Along with the journal articles I have included a few out-of-print and one-of-a-kind books on Iowa in the Civil War.

If you'd like take the entire lot of 127 items (total value $1192.50) make me an offer.

Abbreviations: AI=Annals of Iowa; Cole=Garold L. Cole: Civil War Eyewitnesses: An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles 1955-1986; Dorn=C. E. Dornbusch: Military Bibliography of the Civil War (4 vols.; references are to Vol. I, except where noted); IHR=Iowa Historical Record; IJH=Iowa Journal of History; IJHP=Iowa Journal of History and Politics; PAL=The Palimpsest; SHSI=State Historical Society of Iowa

General Titles

IAOP 2) [Allison] MEMORIAL EXCERCISES IN HONOR OF WILLIAM BOYD ALLISON, IN HALL OF HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, STATE CAPITOL, DES MOINES, IOWA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1908. Des Moines: Emory English, State Printer, 1908. Wraps, 20pp. Allison, who died September 4, 1908, was one of Iowa’s U. S. Representatives during the Civil War. Good. $5.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 3) THE ANNALS OF IOWA. First Series, Vol 1, 1863. Reprinted, with a historical introduction by William J. Peterson. Iowa City, IA: SHSI, 1964. Illus, ind, dj, 192pp. A hardcover reprint of the first four issues of the Annals of Iowa. Included in one number is an excerpt from Henry O’Connor's HISTORY OF THE FIRST REGIMENT IOWA VOLUNTEERS. VG/VG. $7.50. (1 copy)

IAOP 5) Brainerd, N. H. “Iowa and the Draft,” IHR 4 (April 1888): 65-67. Wraps. Also in this issue, “War Memories” which is misc memories of Vicksburg and Sherman’s march by an anonymous officer, identified only as having been on the staff of General Baird. $15.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 6) Briggs, John E. “The Enlistment of Iowa Troops During the Civil War,” IJHP 15 (July 1917): 323-392. Wraps. $10.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 8) Cheever, L. O. “Iowans and the Medal of Honor,” PAL 53 (April 1972): 177-224. Illus, wraps. Entire issue devoted to the subject of the MOH; CW pp. 185-196. $5.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 14) Gist, W. W. “The Ages of Soldiers in the Civil War,” IJHP 16 (July 1918): 387-399. Wraps. Also in this issue: Dan Elbert Clark, “Frontier Defense in Iowa 1850-1865,” and Louis Bernard Schmidt, “The Influence of Wheat and Cotton on Anglo-American Relations During the CW.” VG. $10.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 18) Gue, Benjamin F. and William J. Peterson. “Iowa at Andersonville,” PAL 42 (June 1961): 209-280. Illus, wraps. Special CW issue on Andersonville. Fine. $10.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 21) “John Brown Among the Quakers,” PAL 41 (Jan 1960): 1-77. Illus, map, wraps. Updated version of item IAOP 10. $10.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 22) Jordan, Philip D. “A Yankee Sailor in Dixieland Jails,” PAL 54 (Nov/Dec 1973): 2-10. Illus, wraps. Concerns Lt. George Remey, naval officer from Burlington, IA. Fine. $5.00. (9 copies)

IAOP 27) Mahan, Bruce. “A Confederate Spy,” PAL 4 (Feb 1923): 33-52. Wraps. Concerns the Confederate agent John Y. Beall and his attempted raid on Johnson’s Island. VG. $5.00. (4 copies)

IAOP 28) Malin, James C. “The Burlington Iowa Apprenticeship of the Kansas Poet Eugene Fitch Ware, ‘Ironquill’,” IJH 57 (July 1959): 193-230. Ware served in the 1st Iowa Infantry and the 4th Iowa Cavalry and was the author of THE LYON CAMPAIGN IN MISSOURI. $10.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 30) Nelson, Julie E. and Alan M. Schroder. “Iowa and the Civil War: A Military Review,” PAL 63 (July/Aug 1982): 98-105. Illus, wraps. Also in this issue: Alan M. Schroder, “William M. Stone: Iowa’s Other Civil War Governor,” and Robert E. Dezwaan, Jr. “Custer and the 1st Iowa Cavalry.” $10.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 31) Noun, Louise Redfield. “The Iowa Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument,” PAL 67 (May/June 1986): 80-93. Illus, wraps. Also in this issue, an article on Harriet Ketchum, designer of the monument. $5.00.(5 copies)

IAOP 32a) Rich, Mrs. Ellen M. “The State University of Iowa and the Civil War,” IOWA AND WAR, No. 8 (Feb 1918), wraps, 24pp. IOWA AND WAR was a short-lived series of pamphlets published by the State Historical Society. VG. $5.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 36) Ross, Earle D. “Northern Sectionalism in the Civil War Era,” IJHP 30 (Oct 1932): 455-512. Wraps. $15.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 38) Shambaugh, Benjamin F. SOME COMMENTS ON MR J. W. RICH’S DISCUSSION OF THE BATTLE OF SHILOH. Iowa City, IA: SHSI, 1914. Wraps, 27pp. Pamphlet containing excerpts from letters received, all of which praise Rich’s book THE BATTLE OF SHILOH. $15.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 39) Smith, Frederick. “The Estes House Hospital,” PAL 10 (Sept 1929), 341-350. $5.00. (4 copies)

IAOP 40) Stibbs, John Howard. “Andersonville and the Trial of Henry Wirz,” IJHP 9 (Jan 1911): 33-56. Dorn IA-157. Wraps. $20.00 (2 copies)

IAOP 44a) Swisher, Jacob A. IOWA IN TIMES OF WAR. Iowa City, IA: State Historical Society, 1943. Bibliography, index, red cloth, 395pp. VG. $25.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 45) Swisher, Jacob A. “Remember Our Heroes,” PAL 23 (June 1942): 189-203. Wraps. Sketch of Iowa military heroes, including John Corse, Shelby Norman, Albert Power, et al. $5.00. (3 copies)

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IAOP 53) Upham, Cyril B. “Historical Survey of the Militia in Iowa 1865-1898,” IJHP 18 (Jan 1920): 3-93. Wraps. $20.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 54) [Northern Border Brigade] Vincent, John R. THE NORTHERN BORDER BRIGADE AT CHEROKEE. Cherokee, IA: Sanford Museum and Planitarium, 1965. Maps, plans, bibliography, wraps, 16pp. $20.00. (1 copy)

Iowa Soldier Reminiscences and Unit Histories

Crocker’s Iowa Brigade

1st Cavalry

IAOP 61) Guyer, Max Hendricks, ed. “The Journal and Letters of Corporal William O. Gulick,” IJHP 28 (April, July, Oct 1930), 3 parts. Wraps. Dorn IA-9. $20.00. (4 copies)

3rd Cavalry

IAOP 64) Calkin, Homer L. “Life in the Army,” PAL 23 (Jan 1942): 1-15. Wraps. Dorn IA-20. $5.00. (3 copies)

4th Cavalry

See our reprint of William Forse Scott STORY OF A CAVALRY REGIMENT.

1st Infantry

IAOP 70) O’Connor, Henry. “With the First Iowa Infantry,” PAL 3 (Feb 1922): 53-61. Wraps. This article consists of a letter written to the Muscatine Weekly Journal, 8-2-1861, concerning the 1st Iowa’s march through Missouri to Wilson’s Creek. The letter was incorporated into O’Connor's HISTORY OF THE FIRST REGIMENT IOWA VOLUNTEERS (1862). Also in this issue: Hiram Price, “Paying the First Iowa,” Dorn IA-62, 63. $5.00. (4 copies)

See also our reprint of Eugene F. Ware THE LYON CAMPAIGN IN MISSOURI, Michael Banasik’s MISSOURI IN 1861.

2nd Infantry

IAOP 71) Aldrich, Charles. “The Legislature and Fort Donelson,” IHR 8 (Jan 1892): 215-221. Wraps. Account of how the Iowa legislature reacted to the news of the 2nd Iowa’s charge at Fort Donelson, TN. Also in this issue: “History of a Flag,” by H. W. Lathrop, concerning the flag of the 2nd Iowa and how it was presented to the state legislature. Not in Dorn. $10.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 73) Heaton, Hiram. “A Soldier Saint,” IHR 13 (Oct 1897): 180-187. Wraps. A remembrance of Lyman Steadwell of Co E, KIA at Eden Station, GA, 12-7-1864. Dorn IA-79. $10.00. (2 Copies)

IAOP 75) Parker, L. F. “Fort Donelson—The Second Iowa Infantry,” IHR 2 (Oct 1886): 344-350. Wraps. Dorn IA-83. $5.00. (1 copy)

3rd Infantry

IAOP 79) Wright, Luella M. “The Pioneer Greys,” PAL 22 (Jan 1941). Wraps. Dorn IA-93. Entire issue consists of articles dealing with the preparations for war by the Pioneer Greys, a militia unit from Cedar Falls, IA, which became Co K, 3rd Iowa Infantry. $5.00. (6 copies)

5th Infantry

IAOP 81) Bearss, Edwin C., ed. “The Civil War Diary of Lt. John Q. A. Campbell, Co B, 5th Iowa infantry,” AI 39 (Winter 1969): 519-545. Map, wraps. Cole 96, not in Dorn. May-June 1863, Siege of Vicksburg. $10.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 83) Byers, S. H. M. “Ten Days in the Rebel Army,” IHR 6 (April 1890): 467-477. Wraps. $5.00. (5 copies)

IAOP 84) Gallaher, Ruth. “S. H. M. Byers,” PAL 13 (Nov 1932). Entire issue devoted to S. H. M. Byers. $5.00. (3 copies)

11th Infantry

IAOP 92) Fultz, William S. “History of Company D, 11th Iowa Infantry 1861-1865,” IJH 55 (Jan 1957): 35-90. Wraps. Dorn IA-136. Author was appointed by his company at an 1885 reunion to write this history. One corner of cover torn off, otherwise Good. $10.00. (1 copy)

12th Infantry

IAOP 94) Rich, Joseph W. “The Battle of Shiloh,” IJHP 7 (Oct 1909): 503-581. Maps, wraps. This is the original version of Rich’s book on Shiloh, without the frontispiece portrait. $25.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 95) Rich, Joseph W. “The Color Bearer of the 12th Iowa Volunteer Infantry,” IJHP 6 (Jan 1908): 96-102. Wraps. Dorn IA-152. $10.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 96) Rich, Joseph W. “The Death of General Albert Sidney Johnston on the Battlefield of Shiloh,” IJHP 16 (April 1918): 275-281. Wraps. Dorn IA-153. $10.00. (4 copies)

IAOP 97) Rich, Joseph W. “General Lew Wallace at Shiloh: How He Was Convinced of an Error After 40 Years,” IJHP 18 (April 1920): 301-308. Wraps. Dorn IA-154. $10.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 99) Throne, Mildred, ed. “Iowans in Southern Prisons, 1862,” IJH 54 (Jan 1956): 67-88. Wraps, Dorn IA-161. Consists of two documents, excerpted from Soper’s history of Co D, 12th Iowa, by Private Byron Zuver and Capt. John H. Stibbs, both of whom were captured at Shiloh. Good. $10.00. (6 copies)

IAOP 100) Van Duzee, E. M. “Incidents of Prison Life,” AI, 1st Series 6 (Jan 1868), 54-64. Wraps, not in Dorn. Author was a major in the 12th Iowa, captured at Shiloh. Consists of several parts, of which we have part 1. Unissued, but chipped and worn, Good only. $10.00 (2 copies)

13th Infantry

IAOP 101) Throne, Mildred, ed. “An Iowa Doctor in Blue: The Letters of Seneca B. Thrall, 1862-1864,” IJH 58 (April 1960): 97-188. Wraps. Dorn IA-167a. Letters from the Assistant Surgeon of the 13th Iowa to his wife, from 9-19-1862 to 5-5-1864. $10.00. (1 copy)

15th Infantry

IAOP 110) Goodrell, W. H. “The Burning of Columbia, SC,” IHR 4 (July 1888): 125-128. Wraps. Dorn IA-185. $10.00. (8 copies)

16th Infantry

IAOP 111) Parkhurst, Clinton. “The Attack on Corinth,” PAL 3 (June 1922): 161-191. Wraps. Dorn IA-191. $5.00. (4 copies)

IAOP 113) Parkhurst, Clinton. “Our First View of Vicksburg,” PAL 3 (March 1922): 69-83. Wraps. Dorn IA-193. $5.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 113a) Parkhurst, Clinton. POEMS. Chicago: The Western News Company, 1874. 154pp. Minor cover wear, soiling, and wrinkling of cloth, o/w VG. Dedicated “To the surviving private soldiers of the Seventeenth Army Corps, by one who shared their vicissitudes and glories.” Several poems deal with Civil War topics and incidents. $30.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 114) Parkhurst, Clinton. “The Siege of Corinth,” PAL 4 (Jan 1923): 1-13. Wraps. Dorn IA-194. $5.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 115) Smith, David M., ed. “The Civil War Diary of Col. John Henry Smith,” IJH (April 1949): 140-170. Wraps. Dorn IA-197. Smith’s diary begins in April 1864, at which time he was Captain of Co A, 16th Iowa. Covers his participation in the Battle of Atlanta, his capture and escape. Fine. $10.00. (4 copies)

22nd Infantry

IAOP 123) Briggs, John Ely. “In the Battle of Winchester,” PAL 6 (Nov 1925): 394-402. Wraps. Not in Dorn. $5.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 125) Turner, Job T. “Collecting the Soldier Vote,” PAL 23 (Sept 1942): 282-286. Wraps. Dorn IA-215. $5.00. (2 copies)

See also our reprint of Samuel Jones REMINISCENCES OF THE 22ND IOWA INFANTRY and Samuel Pryce, VANISHING FOOTPRINTS.

27th Infantry

IAOP 131) Heerwagen, Paul K. INDIAN SCOUT—WESTERN PAINTER: CAPTAIN CHARLES L VAN BERG. Little Rock, AR: Pioneer Press, 1969. Dorn IV-939. Illus, ind, 119pp. Civil War content is rather thin. VG/VG. $10.00. (1 copy)