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Iowa and the Civil War:
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Until about 1998, CPB offered in our print catalog several Iowa Civil War titles as published over the last 140 years in various Iowa State Historical Society publications. These are articles as they appeared in the original issues of The Annals of Iowa (published from 1865 to the present), Iowa Historical Record (published from 1885 to 1902), Iowa Jounrnal of History and Politics (published from 1903 to 1961; in the 1940s “and Politics” was droppped from the title and the format was changed), and The Palimpsest (published from 1920 to 1996). I stopped putting these titles in the catalog mostly because of the lack of space, but I still have quite a few of them in inventory. I have at least one copy of each journal article listed below, and in some cases several copies. Most of these articles are listed in Dornbusch’s Military Bibliography of the Civil War. The articles offered here only extend to the early 1990s, although I’m sure more has been published by the State Historical Society on the Civil War since then. Each item is an entire issue of the journal and, despite some being a bit fragile due to age, most are in new, unissued condition. Considering the age and scarcity of some of these items, the prices are quite low. Along with the journal articles I have included a few out-of-print and one-of-a-kind books on Iowa in the Civil War.

If you'd like take the entire lot of 157 items (total value $1455.00) make me an offer.

Abbreviations: AI=Annals of Iowa; Cole=Garold L. Cole: Civil War Eyewitnesses: An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles 1955-1986; Dorn=C. E. Dornbusch: Military Bibliography of the Civil War (4 vols.; references are to Vol. I, except where noted); IHR=Iowa Historical Record; IJH=Iowa Journal of History; IJHP=Iowa Journal of History and Politics; PAL=The Palimpsest; SHSI=State Historical Society of Iowa


General Titles

IAOP 2) [Allison] MEMORIAL EXCERCISES IN HONOR OF WILLIAM BOYD ALLISON, IN HALL OF HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, STATE CAPITOL, DES MOINES, IOWA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1908. Des Moines: Emory English, State Printer, 1908. Wraps, 20pp. Allison, who died September 4, 1908, was one of Iowa’s U. S. Representatives during the Civil War. Good. $5.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 3) THE ANNALS OF IOWA. First Series, Vol 1, 1863. Reprinted, with a historical introduction by William J. Peterson. Iowa City, IA: SHSI, 1964. Illus, ind, dj, 192pp. A hardcover reprint of the first four issues of the Annals of Iowa. Included in one number is an excerpt from Henry O’Connor's HISTORY OF THE FIRST REGIMENT IOWA VOLUNTEERS. VG/VG. $7.50.(2 copies)

IAOP 5) Brainerd, N. H. “Iowa and the Draft,” IHR 4 (April 1888): 65-67. Wraps. Also in this issue, “War Memories” which is misc memories of Vicksburg and Sherman’s march by an anonymous officer, identified only as having been on the staff of General Baird. $15.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 6) Briggs, John E. “The Enlistment of Iowa Troops During the Civil War,” IJHP 15 (July 1917): 323-392. Wraps. $10.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 8) Cheever, L. O. “Iowans and the Medal of Honor,” PAL 53 (April 1972): 177-224. Illus, wraps. Entire issue devoted to the subject of the MOH; CW pp. 185-196. $5.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 14) Gist, W. W. “The Ages of Soldiers in the Civil War,” IJHP 16 (July 1918): 387-399. Wraps. Also in this issue: Dan Elbert Clark, “Frontier Defense in Iowa 1850-1865,” and Louis Bernard Schmidt, “The Influence of Wheat and Cotton on Anglo-American Relations During the CW.” VG. $10.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 18) Gue, Benjamin F. and William J. Peterson. “Iowa at Andersonville,” PAL 42 (June 1961): 209-280. Illus, wraps. Special CW issue on Andersonville. Fine. $10.00. (1 copies)

IAOP 21) “John Brown Among the Quakers,” PAL 41 (Jan 1960): 1-77. Illus, map, wraps. Updated version of item IAOP 10. $10.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 22) Jordan, Philip D. “A Yankee Sailor in Dixieland Jails,” PAL 54 (Nov/Dec 1973): 2-10. Illus, wraps. Concerns Lt. George Remey, naval officer from Burlington, IA. Fine. $5.00. (9 copies)

IAOP 24) Lendt, David. “Iowa and the Copperhead Movement,” AI 40 (Fall 1970): 412-426. Wraps. Good. $5.00 (1 copy)

IAOP 27) Mahan, Bruce. “A Confederate Spy,” PAL 4 (Feb 1923): 33-52. Wraps. Concerns the Confederate agent John Y. Beall and his attempted raid on Johnson’s Island. VG. $5.00. (4 copies)

IAOP 28) Malin, James C. “The Burlington Iowa Apprenticeship of the Kansas Poet Eugene Fitch Ware, ‘Ironquill’,” IJH 57 (July 1959): 193-230. Ware served in the 1st Iowa Infantry and the 4th Iowa Cavalry and was the author of THE LYON CAMPAIGN IN MISSOURI. $10.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 30) Nelson, Julie E. and Alan M. Schroder. “Iowa and the Civil War: A Military Review,” PAL 63 (July/Aug 1982): 98-105. Illus, wraps. Also in this issue: Alan M. Schroder, “William M. Stone: Iowa’s Other Civil War Governor,” and Robert E. Dezwaan, Jr. “Custer and the 1st Iowa Cavalry.” $10.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 31) Noun, Louise Redfield. “The Iowa Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument,” PAL 67 (May/June 1986): 80-93. Illus, wraps. Also in this issue, an article on Harriet Ketchum, designer of the monument. $5.00.(5 copies)

IAOP 32a) Rich, Mrs. Ellen M. “The State University of Iowa and the Civil War,” IOWA AND WAR, No. 8 (Feb 1918), wraps, 24pp. IOWA AND WAR was a short-lived series of pamphlets published by the State Historical Society. VG. $5.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 36) Ross, Earle D. “Northern Sectionalism in the Civil War Era,” IJHP 30 (Oct 1932): 455-512. Wraps. $15.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 38) Shambaugh, Benjamin F. SOME COMMENTS ON MR J. W. RICH’S DISCUSSION OF THE BATTLE OF SHILOH. Iowa City, IA: SHSI, 1914. Wraps, 27pp. Pamphlet containing excerpts from letters received, all of which praise Rich’s book THE BATTLE OF SHILOH. $15.00. (4 copies)

IAOP 39) Smith, Frederick. “The Estes House Hospital,” PAL 10 (Sept 1929), 341-350. $5.00. (4 copies)

IAOP 40) Stibbs, John Howard. “Andersonville and the Trial of Henry Wirz,” IJHP 9 (Jan 1911): 33-56. Dorn IA-157. Wraps. $20.00 (2 copies)

IAOP 44a) Swisher, Jacob A. IOWA IN TIMES OF WAR. Iowa City, IA: State Historical Society, 1943. Bibliography, index, red cloth, 395pp. VG. $25.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 45) Swisher, Jacob A. “Remember Our Heroes,” PAL 23 (June 1942): 189-203. Wraps. Sketch of Iowa military heroes, including John Corse, Shelby Norman, Albert Power, et al. $5.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 47) Thornton, Harrison J. “The State University of Iowa and the Civil War,” AI 30 (Jan 1950): 198-209. Wraps. $10.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 52) Upham, Cyril B. “Historical Survey of the Militia in Iowa 1838-1865,” IJHP 17 (July 1919): 299-405. Wraps. $25.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 53) Upham, Cyril B. “Historical Survey of the Militia in Iowa 1865-1898,” IJHP 18 (Jan 1920): 3-93. Wraps. $20.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 54) [Northern Border Brigade] Vincent, John R. THE NORTHERN BORDER BRIGADE AT CHEROKEE. Cherokee, IA: Sanford Museum and Planitarium, 1965. Maps, plans, bibliography, wraps, 16pp. $20.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 55) Wright, Luella M. “Victory and Mourning,” PAL 21 (April 1940): 101-132. Entire issue devoted to stories about the end of the CW and the assassination of Lincoln. $10.00. (1 copy)

Iowa Soldier Reminiscences and Unit Histories

Crocker’s Iowa Brigade

IAOP 57) (Anon) “Recollections of Crocker’s Iowa Brigade,” IHR 1 (July 1885): 129-132. Wraps. Not listed. $10.00. (1 copy)

1st Cavalry

IAOP 61) Guyer, Max Hendricks, ed. “The Journal and Letters of Corporal William O. Gulick,” IJHP 28 (April, July, Oct 1930), 3 parts. Wraps. Dorn IA-9. $20.00. (4 copies)

3rd Cavalry

IAOP 64) Calkin, Homer L. “Life in the Army,” PAL 23 (Jan 1942): 1-15. Wraps. Dorn IA-20. $5.00. (3 copies)

4th Cavalry

See our reprint of William Forse Scott STORY OF A CAVALRY REGIMENT.

8th Iowa Cavalry

See item IAOP 137.

1st Infantry

IAOP 70) O’Connor, Henry. “With the First Iowa Infantry,” PAL 3 (Feb 1922): 53-61. Wraps. This article consists of a letter written to the Muscatine Weekly Journal, 8-2-1861, concerning the 1st Iowa’s march through Missouri to Wilson’s Creek. The letter was incorporated into O’Connor's HISTORY OF THE FIRST REGIMENT IOWA VOLUNTEERS (1862). Also in this issue: Hiram Price, “Paying the First Iowa,” Dorn IA-62, 63. $5.00. (4 copies)

See also our reprint of Eugene F. Ware THE LYON CAMPAIGN IN MISSOURI, Michael Banasik’s MISSOURI IN 1861.

2nd Infantry

IAOP 71) Aldrich, Charles. “The Legislature and Fort Donelson,” IHR 8 (Jan 1892): 215-221. Wraps. Account of how the Iowa legislature reacted to the news of the 2nd Iowa’s charge at Fort Donelson, TN. Also in this issue: “History of a Flag,” by H. W. Lathrop, concerning the flag of the 2nd Iowa and how it was presented to the state legislature. Not in Dorn. $10.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 73) Heaton, Hiram. “A Soldier Saint,” IHR 13 (Oct 1897): 180-187. Wraps. A remembrance of Lyman Steadwell of Co E, KIA at Eden Station, GA, 12-7-1864. Dorn IA-79. $10.00. (4 Copies)

IAOP 75) Parker, L. F. “Fort Donelson—The Second Iowa Infantry,” IHR 2 (Oct 1886): 344-350. Wraps. Dorn IA-83. $5.00. (1 copy)

3rd Infantry

IAOP 79) Wright, Luella M. “The Pioneer Greys,” PAL 22 (Jan 1941). Wraps. Dorn IA-93. Entire issue consists of articles dealing with the preparations for war by the Pioneer Greys, a militia unit from Cedar Falls, IA, which became Co K, 3rd Iowa Infantry. $5.00. (7 copies)

5th Infantry

IAOP 81) Bearss, Edwin C., ed. “The Civil War Diary of Lt. John Q. A. Campbell, Co B, 5th Iowa infantry,” AI 39 (Winter 1969): 519-545. Map, wraps. Cole 96, not in Dorn. May-June 1863, Siege of Vicksburg. $10.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 82) Byers, S. H. M. “The Battle of Iuka,” IHR 3 (Oct 1887): 543-552. Wraps. Dorn IA-100a. $5.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 83) Byers, S. H. M. “Ten Days in the Rebel Army,” IHR 6 (April 1890): 467-477. Wraps. $5.00. (5 copies)

IAOP 84) Gallaher, Ruth. “S. H. M. Byers,” PAL 13 (Nov 1932). Entire issue devoted to S. H. M. Byers. $5.00. (3 copies)

11th Infantry

IAOP 92) Fultz, William S. “History of Company D, 11th Iowa Infantry 1861-1865,” IJH 55 (Jan 1957): 35-90. Wraps. Dorn IA-136. Author was appointed by his company at an 1885 reunion to write this history. $10.00. (2 copies)

12th Infantry

IAOP 94) Rich, Joseph W. “The Battle of Shiloh,” IJHP 7 (Oct 1909): 503-581. Maps, wraps. This is the original version of Rich’s book on Shiloh, without the frontispiece portrait. $25.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 95) Rich, Joseph W. “The Color Bearer of the 12th Iowa Volunteer Infantry,” IJHP 6 (Jan 1908): 96-102. Wraps. Dorn IA-152. $10.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 96) Rich, Joseph W. “The Death of General Albert Sidney Johnston on the Battlefield of Shiloh,” IJHP 16 (April 1918): 275-281. Wraps. Dorn IA-153. $10.00. (4 copies)

IAOP 97) Rich, Joseph W. “General Lew Wallace at Shiloh: How He Was Convinced of an Error After 40 Years,” IJHP 18 (April 1920): 301-308. Wraps. Dorn IA-154. $10.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 98) Soper, Erasmus D. “History of Co D 12th Iowa Infantry 1861-1866,” IJH 56 (April, July, Oct 1958): 153-187, 207-274, 321-364. 3 parts, wraps. Not in Cole or Dorn. Soper’s lengthy history of Co D, 12th Iowa, excluding the articles written on prison life after Shiloh (see next item). $25.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 99) Throne, Mildred, ed. “Iowans in Southern Prisons, 1862,” IJH 54 (Jan 1956): 67-88. Wraps, Dorn IA-161. Consists of two documents, excerpted from Soper’s history of Co D, 12th Iowa, by Private Byron Zuver and Capt. John H. Stibbs, both of whom were captured at Shiloh. Good. $10.00. (6 copies)

IAOP 100) Van Duzee, E. M. “Incidents of Prison Life,” AI, 1st Series 6 (Jan 1868), 54-64. Wraps, not in Dorn. Author was a major in the 12th Iowa, captured at Shiloh. Consists of several parts, of which we have part 1. Unissued, but chipped and worn, Good only. $10.00 (2 copies)

13th Infantry

IAOP 101) Throne, Mildred, ed. “An Iowa Doctor in Blue: The Letters of Seneca B. Thrall, 1862-1864,” IJH 58 (April 1960): 97-188. Wraps. Dorn IA-167a. Letters from the Assistant Surgeon of the 13th Iowa to his wife, from 9-19-1862 to 5-5-1864. $10.00. (2 copies)

15th Infantry

IAOP 110) Goodrell, W. H. “The Burning of Columbia, SC,” IHR 4 (July 1888): 125-128. Wraps. Dorn IA-185. $10.00. (8 copies)

16th Infantry

IAOP 111) Parkhurst, Clinton. “The Attack on Corinth,” PAL 3 (June 1922): 161-191. Wraps. Dorn IA-191. $5.00. (4 copies)

IAOP 113) Parkhurst, Clinton. “Our First View of Vicksburg,” PAL 3 (March 1922): 69-83. Wraps. Dorn IA-193. $5.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 113a) Parkhurst, Clinton. POEMS. Chicago: The Western News Company, 1874. 154pp. Minor cover wear, soiling, and wrinkling of cloth, o/w VG. Dedicated “To the surviving private soldiers of the Seventeenth Army Corps, by one who shared their vicissitudes and glories.” Several poems deal with Civil War topics and incidents. $10.00. (1 copy)

IAOP 114) Parkhurst, Clinton. “The Siege of Corinth,” PAL 4 (Jan 1923): 1-13. Wraps. Dorn IA-194. $5.00. (2 copies)

IAOP 115) Smith, David M., ed. “The Civil War Diary of Col. John Henry Smith,” IJH (April 1949): 140-170. Wraps. Dorn IA-197. Smith’s diary begins in April 1864, at which time he was Captain of Co A, 16th Iowa. Covers his participation in the Battle of Atlanta, his capture and escape. Fine. $10.00. (4 copies)

22nd Infantry

IAOP 123) Briggs, John Ely. “In the Battle of Winchester,” PAL 6 (Nov 1925): 394-402. Wraps. Not in Dorn. $5.00. (3 copies)

IAOP 125) Turner, Job T. “Collecting the Soldier Vote,” PAL 23 (Sept 1942): 282-286. Wraps. Dorn IA-215. $5.00. (3 copies)

27th Infantry

IAOP 131) Heerwagen, Paul K. INDIAN SCOUT—WESTERN PAINTER: CAPTAIN CHARLES L VAN BERG. Little Rock, AR: Pioneer Press, 1969. Dorn IV-939. Illus, ind, 119pp. Civil War content is rather thin. VG/VG. $20.00. SALE! $10.00. (2 copies)