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Camp Pope Publishing can provide any level of text editing you require. I have over 28 years' experience editing books according to the standards established in the Chicago Manual of Style. Some people like to prepare their documents themselves, doing their own editing and proofreading. Others are all right with paying a professional editor to do this work. Naturally, the more work your manuscript requires, the more hours I would have to devote to it. If you are certain your document is ready for the printer, I can just do a quick run through to check for typos and formatting errors. It has been my experience that this quick check is usually a good idea, as a second set of eyes can spot mistakes that the author tends to miss, no matter how many times he or she goes over the document.

With non-fiction works that are annotated, authors tend to be unaware of the proper formatting of footnotes or endnotes. Anyone who has ever written a college term paper knows what a bother notes and bibliographies can be. But the credibility of your work depends a lot on the correctness of its format. This is another area I can help you with, to standardize and properly format your annotations and bibliography.

If your book has illustrations or line drawings (such as maps), I can scan your original photographs and drawings or work with your digital files to optimize them for either a black on white or color interior book.

In most situations, my clients submit a digital file (such as a Microsoft Word document) of their work. But if your book exists only in hard copy (i.e., as a print-out, typewritten page, or hardcopy consisting of text and illustrations, such as in a scrapbook, or a previously published book) I can output your book entirely from page scans or create a digital document for layout using OCR (optical character recognition).